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Mistweaver Monk Guides

Hello there Mistweavers and future Mistweaver converts! As I scoured the internet for resources, I noticed that the vast majority of Mistweaver material out there is geared toward players who already know the class fairly well. There are a lot of guides about how to maximize your output in cutting edge progression, but relatively few that discuss how to get started with the class.  In light of that, the guides below are an exploration of the basics of Mistweaver healing.

Mistweavers are relatively mobile healers who use two resources, Mana and Chi, to heal their targets. Their heals excel in fights that require a group to be spread out, because their primary healing spells are not area-of-effect spells (as opposed to a Resto Druid’s Efflorescence, for example). They use leather Intellect gear and can equip either a staff or a one-hand weapon and an off-hand.  Spirit is generally less of a concern for Mistweaver Monks than for other healers because Mistweavers rely heavily on their Mana Tea ability to regenerate Mana in combat.

Mistweaver 101 Series:


The following are visual guides to the various “healing circles” (or ground-effect AoE healing spells) that were introduced in Cataclysm.  The first post contains images for Druid, Shaman, Priest, and Paladin spells.  The second contains images for Monk spells.


Additional Mistweaver Monk guides:


Resources for information on haste breakpoints:

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