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Pre Raid Gear

This spreadsheeet is designed to be accessible both to people who have experience with Excel and those who are Excel beginners.  Instructions for how to use the sheet are included below the change log.  This spreadsheet requires Excel 2007 or later for full functionality.

I have also uploaded a version of the spreadsheet to Google Docs, however, that software is not capable of producing the drop down menus or lookups needed for the Choose Your Gear Sheet.  The Google Docs version, therefore, only contains the gear database itself.

Resto Druid Pre-Raid Gear Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet with Database only on Google Docs

Version:  1.5

Change log

1.5 — 10/8/12  Changed stat values for Justice gear (formerly iLv 450, now 458).  Made “Subversive Leggings” less subversive; they have stats listed now.

1.4 — 10/6/12  Removed reputation requirements for Justice gear following Blizzard announcement.

1.3 — 9/30/12  Added several additional pieces of gear.  Fixed all previously “Unknown” sources, and fixed all erroneous sources.

1.2 — 8/24/12  Added several additional pieces of gear.  Added Valor and Justice Point cost to reputation rewards.

1.0 — 8/16/12  Added to the website.  Thank you to Alas, who generously did some beta testing on this sheet and who provided great feedback.  This is the first WoW-related project I’ve attempted like this, and I would absolutely love any additional feedback on it. If you find an error in any of the information or have a suggestion about how to improve this spreadsheet, I would love to know!


Excel Crash Course

Just the word “spreadsheet” can be an intimidating thing, not only to WoW players who are unfamiliar with using spreadsheets for theorycrafting, but also for anyone who isn’t totally comfortable with the wild world of Excel formulas. For those who are comfortable maneuvering in Excel, though, a spreadsheet can be an extremely helpful way to make gear lists and figure out which pieces of gear will get you the amount of stats you want.

So, what I’ve been working on over the last few weeks is a gear spreadsheet that will take some of the fear and confusion out of this word. What I’ve come up with is an Excel document with two “sheets.”

A “sheet” is simply a page of information in Excel, which you can access by clicking on either of the tabs at the bottom left corner of your screen. In this document, the “Database” sheet has a full listing of all Resto Druid pre-raid gear (not including Raid Finder gear) that can be obtained from quests, normal and heroic dungeons, and crafting.

The Database contains lots of information on each piece, including how you can obtain it and if it has an On Use / On Equip function.

The second sheet is called “Choose Your Gear.” This sheet has drop-down menus in Column A which allow you to pick an item for each gear slot from the items listed in the Database.

Once you pick your item, the other columns on the sheet that tell you that item’s iLevel and stats will automatically fill in. At the bottom of this sheet there is a “Totals” row which will show you your average iLevel (helpful for knowing whether you are eligible to queue for heroics or Raid Finder) and your total stats (helpful for seeing whether you’ve reached the level of Spirit you want, or if you are close to a haste breakpoint).

Currently, this spreadsheet does not include functionality to add gems to an item or to specify whether you’ve taken a socket bonus. This is something I’m considering adding in, but I was somewhat worried that it might make the spreadsheet seem too complex. For now, if you would like to add in the stats from gems or socket bonuses (or enchants, for that matter), you can do so by editing the values for the stats on an item on the Database sheet.

Make Your Own

I love making gear lists but, sadly, I don’t have quite enough hours in the day to make one for every class in the game or even just for the classes I play the most. If you are interested in using this Excel document to create something similar to host on your blog for the class you play, you are more than welcome to do so. All I ask is that you provide a link back to this blog and provide credit for the original document.

Alternatively, if you would like to create something similar but aren’t proficient with Excel, I am willing to help out. If you do the legwork for your class by looking up the items on WoWhead and filling in all of the information on the Database sheet, then I will set up the formulas for you to make the Choose Your Gear sheet work. I’d be willing to do this if you intend to host the sheet on your blog for other players of your class to use. If this is something you’d be interested in, please contact me through email or Twitter.

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