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Comment Policy

Much of this comment policy is taken from Apple Cider Mage’s blog.  Many thanks to her for permission to use it.


First time commenters will see that their comment has been held for moderation.  I try to approve these comments as quickly as possible, and (assuming you login with the same information in the future), your comments will only be held the first time you write something.

The blog is as much of a SAFE SPACE as I can muster. This means that in order for people to feel comfortable commenting here, I do not allow:

  • Hate language – this includes -ist slurs and general disrespect using some essential part of a person’s character.
  • Casual use of the word rape, or jokes about the subject.
  • Trolling or flaming.
  • Harassment or stalking.

The best comments encourage additional conversation on the topic, while derailing someone’s argument about something that affects them personally is not seen as polite, and the same goes for demanding education from someone who is different than you.  If your comment does not contribute to the general discussion on a particular post, consider why you want to make it.

Overall, people who wish to comment here should respect the blog, respect other people commenting, and try to come to the table with an open mind. There are always things to be learned and shared.

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