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Cataclysm Bucket List Part 2: My Characters

January 23, 2012

A few weeks ago, I wrote the first half of my “Cataclysm Bucket List,” which mostly focused on fun things from this expansion that were worth another visit before we move on to Pandaria.  For part 2, I’m getting back to the origins of the bucket list that Cynwise wrote and taking a look at what I’d like to accomplish on my characters over the next few months.

Tzufit, the main

Tzufit has been enjoying revisiting old content with her pocket tank in search of transmogrification fodder and general good times.  We like to see just how many fights we can pull off with just the two of us, and have spent some time in both Wrath and BC raids.

In terms of current content, my druid is slowly making her way through Dragon Soul heroic fights, though our 10 man raiding team looks unlikely to down much besides Morchok until the nerfs.  We’re also poking our heads back into Bastion of Twilight to see if we might get a chance to see the Sinestra fight.

As tends to be the case towards the end of an expansion, I will probably be spending less time on my main than on the rest of the alts.  She has the gear I want and I’m happy with her raiding progress.  Not much to wrap up here.  The one possible exception is that I’ve recently gotten it into my head that I’d like to go for Loremaster on one of my toons someday.  I’d like to excuse to see a bunch of content I haven’t yet (I’m constantly finding quests in BC I’ve never done before, and I know I still haven’t completed Icecrown on anyone), and the sad truth is that I wouldn’t even consider doing this on any toon but a druid.  Flight form for the win!

Maden, the newly promoted Number One Alt

Two big (and probably time-consuming) goals for the gnome warlock.  First, I want to finish off her Professor title.  Given that I just got her to Associate Professor over the weekend, it’s safe to say there’s still a lot of work left to do.  Second, I’d really like to get Maden all the way through normal Dragon Soul.  She’s done all the fights on Dungeon Finder, but I rarely have an opportunity to bring any non-healing toons to our guild’s raids.  This might not happen until quite near the end of Cataclysm, but I’m still hoping to get her a chance to smack Deathwing around.

Beyond this, I’ve been spending a lot of time PvPing on her again.  Affliction PvP was one of the things that really got me interested in the gameplay when I first started playing WoW, and it’s been a blast to come back to it after a long hiatus.

The Alt Healers

My priest and shaman are always on call for guild heroics and raids.  They have enough gear to make it through every fight in normal Dragon Soul, so I don’t really have much in the way of goals for either of them.  My shaman recently got an Elemental offspec after being Enhancement for the last two years, so I wouldn’t mind spending some time getting to know that spec a little better.  My priest needs a helm from Naxxramas to complete her look, and that’s about it!

The Mini-priest reached 70 a few months ago.  I’ve locked her XP there and have had lots of fun running at-level BC heroics on her (the queue times are often surprisingly reasonable).  Sadly, the Mini-priest is on a bit of a hiatus until the Battle Tag system is implemented.  Though both the Pink Kitty and I now have level 70 twinks, the extremely long queue times for battlegrounds in our locked bracket have kept us from doing much with them yet.  Once Battle Tags are up and running, I can’t wait to join up with several Twitter friends who also have toons in this bracket.

The accident-prone mage

My mage began as an experiment on another RP server.  The experiment was both to see whether I could commit to actually making an RP-focused toon, and whether I could actually level without heirlooms.  She easily cruised to 85 in quest greens, and made a pile of gold along the way thanks to the server’s awesomely skewed economy that totally overvalued low level materials for just about everything.  But I just didn’t quite commit to the RP thing … again.  After she hit 85 I didn’t play her much at all, and I recently transfered her and her mountain of gold over to my home server.  My only goals for her would be to get her some iLv 378 gear and maybe stick her into Raid Finder once or twice.  Oh, and to pick a damn spec.  I leveled as Arcane and have since totally forgotten how to play it, so I guess I’m at a decent starting point to learn any of the three mage specs.

The Other Druid

The Other Druid (the tanky one) has been spending most weekends in Firelands, helping guildies fill out gear and  gather legendary mats.  I should probably finish a full healing set on her, since I originally created her to have a second resto druid to help deal with the oddities of scheduling raids around the shared lockout system.  I have a lot of fun tanking on her, though, so I’m more likely to fill in as a tank for Dragon Soul alt runs when the time comes.

The Rest

There are a few more alts on my home server who haven’t yet reached 85.  Of those, I have a hunter who is about 75% of a level away from hitting 85, where she’s been for the better part of a year.  I suppose I should take care of that eventually, though I can’t really imagine playing her.  I also have a warrior in the mid 70s who just might be able to make a final push to 80 now that  the Northrend leveling requirements have been lowered.  My warrior got less attention as tank queues slowed down and instance runs began to give less XP – I’m really only interested in him as a tank, so questing hasn’t been all that fun for me.  Finally, I have a lowbie rogue.  I’ve rolled a lowbie rogue about a dozen times now and only made it as high as level 50 on any of them.  I’m trying again because I love the idea of a rogue – I love sneaking around in stealth and I wouldn’t mind attempting to PvP with one.  But the problem is that I just don’t find them very interesting to level.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll change my mind this time around.

What’s on your Cataclysm bucket list for your characters?  What achievements, gear, titles, or more are you hoping to acquire before this expansion is over?

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  1. January 24, 2012 5:59 am

    I totally agree about your Loremaster-on-druids decision! Then again my main is a druid, so I wonder what I’d have decided if I had, say, a warrior main and druid alt 🙂
    It’s a great list that should keep you busy!

    • January 24, 2012 7:09 am

      Thanks! I really did go down the list of alts when I thought about Loremaster, mostly because I knew my main would be unlikely to wear the title. What I realized was that *all* my alts were unlikely to actually wear the title, so if I go for it I may as well do so on the toon who can pick up quest objects without having to “dismount.” 🙂

  2. January 24, 2012 7:59 am

    Oh me too about rogues. My last one got deleted at level 72 to make room for another Druid, because I wanted a Troll Druid. I felt bad, but I’m not a good rogue. Not enough patience maybe.

    I have a lot of sightseeing in dungeons to do but I’m really, really, hoping to get my Horde Warlock to 85 before Mists comes out. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t play my Horde characters as much because they aren’t rich like my spoiled Alliance characters.

    • January 25, 2012 5:45 pm

      I haven’t leveled a Horde toon to 85 … oh, ever. I’d love to, and I do have a handful of low level Horde alts spread around. But my home server slots are full, and I never manage to pay much attention to alts who end up somewhere other than Sisters of Elune. :-/

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