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Resto Druid Power Auras

December 9, 2011

Power Auras is a particularly helpful add-on that allows players to create graphical alerts for a wide variety of buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns.  While the setup can seem a little daunting if you’ve never used the program before, it ends up being pretty user-friendly once you get the hang of it.  I began using Power Auras shortly after Cataclysm launched, and I’ve been amazed to see how much it’s improved my reaction time on a variety of characters.  Below, I’ll give an overview of the auras I use for healing on my druid.  When I set up my auras, I had two main requirements in mind: they had to be helpful, and they had to look good.  I’m satisfied that what I’ve come up with does the trick for both.

These are my auras as they appear at the beginning of the raid:

Purple Paw – Mark of the Wild is missing
Upper Red X – Food buff is missing
Lower Red X – Flask buff is missing

Blue Leaf – Swiftmend is available
Green Leaf – Tree of Life is available
Yellow Leaf – Wild Growth is available

White Line – Tranquility is available
Yellow Line – Nature’s Swiftness is available
Orange Line – Barkskin is available

I also have two auras which display near my mini-map in the upper right corner of my screen.  One is for Innervate and the other for Rebirth.  These auras display the spell icons when each of those cooldowns is available.  When the spells are on cooldown the spell icon disappears and a timer pops up to display the time remaining on the cooldown.

In the shot above, the large green leaf above my head will pulse in and out, indicating that I don’t have 3 stacks of Lifebloom on someone in my raid or party.  The spell icon at the bottom tells me that I do not currently have the Harmony buff.

In this next screenshot, the Lifebloom icon is gone because I have 3 stacks on someone in my party.  The Harmony icon has moved to show that I have the buff, and the timer next to it tells me how long I have until Harmony expires.  The green aura on either side of my character tells me that Clearcasting has proced, and the green numbers above my head tell me how long I have until Clearcasting expires.

The lighter blue auras on either side of my druid mean that she’s at 80% mana or lower.  I use this aura as an easy way to remind myself to start using mana-return trinkets and cooldowns.  The darker blue aura beneath her displays when Innervate is available, and only displays when I’m at 75% mana or less.

I’ve included the exports for all of these auras below the cut for anyone who would like to use them.  I realize that I took a bit of a different approach with my auras than a lot of people do – I’ve used reminders that may be more difficult for some to remember because they are not all represented by the actual spell icon.  Personally, I wanted something aesthetically pleasing in addition to functional, and so that’s why I created these auras the way I did.

To use this set with your Power Auras, open the add on by typing /powa and then click “Import Set.”  Copy and paste this entire block into the text box that comes up.

Set=Page 1@
Aura[1]=Version:4.23; b:0.5412; g:0.149; icon:Spell_Nature_Regeneration; buffname:Mark of the Wild; r:0.2235; x:-199; texture:29; alpha:0.98; stacksOperator:=; exact:true; size:0.17; y:-2; texmode:1; inverse:true@
Aura[2]=Version:4.23; g:0.7373; icon:inv_alchemy_elixir_02; r:0.1922; begin:1; bufftype:9; texture:2; alpha:1; PowerType:0; threshold:75; size:0.88; torsion:1.5; y:-70; texmode:1; finish:3@
Aura[3]=Version:4.23; b:0; anim1:4; g:0.5255; icon:Spell_Shadow_ManaBurn; buffname:Clearcasting; r:0.0078; begin:1; texture:59; alpha:1; speed:0.45; stacksOperator:=; exact:true; torsion:1.5; y:-70; texmode:1; finish:3; timer.h:1.16; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:TOP; timer.y:34@
Aura[4]=Version:4.23; g:0.2824; icon:Spell_Nature_Lightning; buffname:Innervate; r:0.098; bufftype:15; texture:64; alpha:1; multiids:2; exact:true; size:0.7; torsion:1.5; y:-100; texmode:1@
Aura[5]=Version:4.23; Instance25ManHeroic:true; icon:Spell_Misc_Food; buffname:Well Fed; x:-200; Instance10ManHeroic:true; texture:118; alpha:1; Instance25Man:true; Instance10Man:true; size:0.14; y:-45; texmode:1; inverse:true@
Aura[6]=Version:4.23; Instance25ManHeroic:true; icon:inv_potione_4; buffname:Flask; x:-200; Instance10ManHeroic:true; texture:118; alpha:1; Instance25Man:true; Instance10Man:true; size:0.14; y:-78; texmode:1; inverse:true@
Aura[7]=Version:4.23; b:0.1216; g:0.3686; icon:Spell_Nature_StoneClawTotem; buffname:Barkskin; r:0.8941; begin:3; bufftype:15; texture:67; alpha:1; torsion:1.5; y:-98; texmode:1@
Aura[8]=Version:4.23; b:0.0863; g:0.8549; icon:Spell_Nature_RavenForm; buffname:Nature’s Swiftness; begin:3; bufftype:15; texture:66; alpha:1; torsion:1.5; y:-98; texmode:1@
Aura[9]=Version:4.23; anim1:4; g:0.8902; icon:inv_alchemy_elixir_02; r:0.1843; begin:1; bufftype:9; texture:2; multiids:2; speed:0.45; PowerType:0; threshold:30; size:0.88; torsion:1.5; y:-70; texmode:1; customsound:LowMana.mp3@
Aura[10]=Version:4.23; b:0.1804; anim1:4; g:0.0863; icon:inv_alchemy_elixir_05; begin:3; bufftype:8; texture:2; speed:0.2; threshold:40; size:1.05; torsion:1.5; y:-70; texmode:1; customsound:LowHealth.mp3@
Aura[11]=Version:4.23; b:0.0667; g:0.7098; icon:Ability_Druid_TreeofLife; buffname:Tree of Life; r:0.0196; begin:3; bufftype:15; texture:120; alpha:1; size:0.13; y:-104; texmode:1@
Aura[12]=Version:4.23; icon:Spell_Nature_Reincarnation; buffname:Rebirth; x:241; bufftype:15; alpha:1; owntex:true; mine:true; inParty:true; size:0.14; y:364; texmode:1; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:BOTTOM@
Aura[13]=Version:4.23; g:0.9412; icon:INV_Relics_IdolofRejuvenation; buffname:Swiftmend; r:0; begin:3; x:-40; bufftype:15; texture:123; alpha:1; symetrie:1; size:0.22; y:-91; texmode:1@
Aura[14]=Version:4.23; b:0.0745; icon:Ability_Druid_Flourish; buffname:Wild Growth; r:0.5137; begin:3; x:40; bufftype:15; texture:123; size:0.22; y:-90; texmode:1@
Aura[15]=Version:4.23; b:0.3882; anim1:8; g:0.9098; icon:INV_Misc_Herb_Felblossom; buffname:Lifebloom; r:0.302; begin:1; stacks:2; texture:120; alpha:1; symetrie:1; mine:true; speed:0.5; stacksOperator:>; groupOrSelf:true; inParty:true; combat:true; size:0.21; y:57; texmode:1; inverse:true@
Aura[16]=Version:4.23; icon:Spell_Nature_Lightning; buffname:Innervate; x:200; bufftype:15; alpha:1; owntex:true; mine:true; inParty:true; size:0.14; y:364; texmode:1; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:BOTTOM@
Aura[17]=Version:4.23; icon:Spell_Nature_Tranquility; buffname:Tranquility; begin:1; bufftype:15; texture:65; torsion:1.5; y:-98; texmode:1; finish:0@
Aura[18]=Version:4.23; icon:Spell_Nature_HealingWay; buffname:Harmony; x:-16; alpha:1; owntex:true; size:0.14; y:-155; texmode:1; timer.h:1.59; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:RIGHT; timer.Transparent:true; timer.UseOwnColor:true@
Aura[19]=Version:4.23; anim1:4; icon:Spell_Nature_HealingWay; buffname:Harmony; owntex:true; speed:1.43; combat:true; size:0.14; y:-155; texmode:1; inverse:true@

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  1. December 9, 2011 6:56 pm

    Great to see your auras Tzu! Now you have motivated me to update mine.

    • December 9, 2011 7:52 pm

      Oh no! Updating one part of my UI usually ends 3 hours later when I’ve redone the whole thing. 😛

  2. December 11, 2011 11:17 am

    Thanks for posting these up! I’ve been wanting to keep track of lifebloom stacks better to keep them from falling off and have better uptime. Your Power Auras are perfect for the job! =)

    • December 11, 2011 11:18 am

      You’re welcome! I’m so glad you found it helpful, and good luck with watching your Lifeblooms. 🙂

  3. Saharie permalink
    December 22, 2012 6:03 pm

    Is there a way to have this countdown the time left on the lifebloom stack? Like it counts down how much time is left on harmony?


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