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Trolling Your Friends with Reckless Leap

October 10, 2011

Sometimes, when you’re pushing through a raid instance, there’s nothing like a laugh to break up the monotony of clearing trash.

Recently, I’ve been running through Firelands on my shaman (theoretically main spec Enhance, but somehow always manages to end up healing), since my druid is reserved for 10 man progression runs and needs a clean lockout for working on hardmodes.  My shaman, obviously, uses a different set of Power Auras than my druid does, including one aura that flashes a giant pink dot on my screen anytime the unit I’m targeting has a Purge-able buff.

Imagine my surprise, then, as we were fighting the Druids of the Flame blocking your path before Majordomo Staghelm emerges.  The druids shift into cat form, and begin Recklessly Leaping all over the staging area.  When the druids target someone and leap toward that player, both the player and the cat will be stunned if the cat lands on them.  If the player moves out of the way before the cat can reach them, only the cat will be stunned.  The stun prevents the cat from leaping again right away, and allows DPS to get some time on it before the stun debuff wears off and it leaps again.  Some of my lovely guildmates  have a more difficult time dodging these leaps than others, and some of the rest of us take advantage of this difficulty by running the leaping cats at them every chance we get.

A few weeks ago, a guild run was plowing through Firelands with me on my shaman and the Pink Kitty on his mage.  We reached the Druids of the Flame, who began to leap around, and suddenly my big pink dot showed up on my shaman’s auras.  The rest went something like this:

Tzufit:  “That’s weird.  These druids have some buff that I can Purge.”
Pink Kitty:  “Yeah – I noticed my Spellsteal lit up for it, too.”
Tzufit:  “I wonder if it’s the st-“
Pink Kitty:  (gleefully)  “OH MY GOD, when I used Spellsteal it took the stun off them and then it STUNNED ME!”
Tzufit:  “It took the stun off them?  Did it jump again right away?”
Pink Kitty:  “I dunno, but look – I’m STUNNED!  Quick, dispell me so I can do it again!”

So, when you see a druid with this blue swirly animation over his head, it means that he has the buff “Reckless Leap,” which can be removed using any offensive dispell.  (Mages, as noted above, will have to Spellsteal the buff and will end up stunned themselves.)  The druid will then immediately target another player and prepare to leap again.

Enjoy!  Hope you have as much fun with this information as my guildmates and I have.

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  1. October 11, 2011 12:53 pm

    Omg lol you have given me ideas for my next raid /evil grin

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