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We so excited!

September 20, 2011

This is gross … but awesome!

Old Gods and Twilight Cults and Deathwing … oh my!

Blizzard has given us a TON of information in the last 24 hours about the new 5 man dungeons and raid instance that will bring us to our final encounter with Deathwing (the aspect formerly known as Neltharion):

We will first see 3 new dungeons which are all accessed from the Caverns of Time.  I kind of zoned out after that point because I read “Caverns of Time” and needed to take a break – I LOVE the Caverns of Time.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to play any of the original Warcraft games before the MMO, but I absolutely adore getting to do anything in CoT because I can experience all the amazing Warcraft history that we hear about all the time as we’re questing in Azeroth.

Among the plot points that might be tidied up in this patch are:

– Just what happened to the sinister Archbishop Benedictus after he abandoned the Holy Light and became the secret “Twilight Father”  working from within the Cathedral in Stormwind?

– How exactly are the Bronze and Infinite Dragonflights related, and WHY is Murozond such an obvious anagram of Nozdormu?

On top of all this, we also began to receive previews of the tier 13 armor sets last week, which Bashiok tells us are mostly based upon the level 85 abilities each class recieved at the beginning of this expansion:

“Most of this tier was attempting to play off a new ability the class got in Cataclysm, so for instance Time Warp for mages and Wild Mushroom for druid, in some cases (like warrior or warlock) there’s playing off of the raid and those themes, and then for others it’s a bit more just doing something we think represents the class in a more abstract manner.”

I’ve been just thrilled with the sets that have been released so far, most especially the mage “Timelord Regalia.”  Fortunately, Druids were also one of the classes lucky enough to have our set released on the earlier end of things, and our “Deep Earth Vestments” make for an interesting combination of the usual druid greens and electric blues, which are “phosphorescent mushrooms, reminiscent of Zangarmarsh.”

I don’t know that it’s my favorite druid teir, but I like it – and, most importantly, I like it a LOT more than our truly awful tier 12.  I can’t wait to get this lampshade off my head and let some fungi sprout from the rotting wood on my shoulders!

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