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Blizzard asks for Feedback

September 14, 2011

Blue posters have recently put up a series of threads, one for each class, asking for player feedback.  MMO Champion has a helpful post which includes links to each of the threads, should you be interested in posting on any of them.

I’m pretty excited that Blizzard has given players a meaningful way to contribute our opinions, and that they have specific questions in mind so that the discussions stay (more) reasonable (than usual on the official boards).  I’ve just gotten around to posting my answers to the questions the Blues provided, which are included below:

  • What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both]
  • If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other]
    10 and 25 man raids, mostly normal – some heroic.  I am almost exclusively a resto druid.
  • What are your biggest quality-of-life issues?
    Easily, the biggest issues I have now are on tank swap fights.  Spending 3 global cooldowns to reapply Lifebloom to the new tank feels clunky, and – depending on the encounter – dangerous.  I’d appreciate a new way to easily switch Lifebloom from one target to another, keeping the same number of stacks.
    The other big problem I face is with threat.  When a new add spawns (scions on Ragnaros) or a boss enters an encounter (Nefarion or Theralion landing), I nearly always have more threat than the tank I’m healing.  The tank taunts as soon as he can, but sometimes I still take a melee swing in the process.  I play as a night elf, so the only option I have is to pop Shadowmeld – which isn’t a threat dump.  It *hopefully* distracts the mob long enough for the tank to pick it up, but it also means that I have to stand still and not heal until the tank has agro.  Cat form + cower isn’t any more attractive of an option.
  • What makes playing your class more fun?
    My forms and my cooldowns.  I love thinking through a boss fight to figure out when will be the best time to use Tranquility and Tree of Life.  I also enjoy figuring out how to use my feral abilities (i.e. Bash, Growl, Stampeding Roar, Dash, etc.) to help out my raid.  I like that resto druids are versatile and adaptable.
  • What makes playing your class less fun?
    Overall, I’m pretty happy with my class at the moment.  I think our healing style is much more interesting than it was in Wrath, and I still love healing as a druid.
  • How do you feel about your “rotation”?
    Aside from the issue with swapping Lifebloom from one tank to another, I generally enjoy my rotation.  I love the way that our direct healing spells interact with our HoTs, and I think our new Harmony mastery really succeeded at giving us additional incentive to use both types of spells.
  • What’s on your wish list for your class?
    – Indoor travel form
    – Incentive to take Living Seed in anything besides a strict tank-healing spec.
    – ANY kind of viable threat dump.
    – A better way to switch from healing one tank to healing another tank.
  • What spells do you use the least?
    I can find almost no use for Nourish in a raid setting since 4.2.  Nourish is fine for filler healing in 5 man dungeons, but it just isn’t worth the GCD when I’m healing in Firelands; it is simply too weak of a heal.  Regrowth isn’t much better.  I’ll use Regrowth when I’m in tree form and when I have an Omen of Clarity proc on anyone who is low.  Outside of those circumstances it’s too expensive to be worthwhile, and heals for too little to justify being that expensive.
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