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Why Druid Brez is Still the BEST Brez

July 22, 2011

Dear Raid Leaders,

Lately you may have heard some of your Death Knights and Warlocks clamoring about how they’d be happy to “brez” some unhappy raid member who managed to die mid-fight.  You may feel some confusion over this matter, and that’s understandable.  Traditionally, druids were the only class who could resurrect (or, Rebirth) a fallen player while still in combat.  This is no longer the case.

Death Knights now have Raise Ally, which instead of turning its target into a ghoul as in the old Wrath days, now resurrects a player with 20% health and 20% mana.  Similarly, Warlock’s Soulstones can now not only be cast on a target prior to their death to allow them to come back to life, but can even be used on an already fallen player to resurrect them.  Soulstone targets return to life with 30% health and 30% mana.  It’s fantastic to see these little DPSers who have become to eager to help out the raid with their new battle rezzes.  But, my dear raid leaders, I have to caution you against taking their offer.

The druid’s Rebirth spell is like Raise Ally in that it resurrects its target with 20% health and mana.  What still sets the druid’s brez apart, however, is how our Glyph of Rebirth affects the spell.  When glyphed, Rebirth will return a player to life with 100% health.  Given the amount of splash damage that can be going around at any given time in any Cataclysm boss fights, it is extremely helpful for your healers if a player can be battle rezzed at full health.  Your healers won’t need to worry about instantly topping that player up so that the brez isn’t wasted.

Warlocks are able to use Glyph of Soulstone to increase the health of their brez target by 40%, bringing a resurrected player back to life with 70% health.  The trick to this, though, is that a Soulstone will only resurrect a player at 70% health if the warlock uses Soulstone as a brez.  If the warlock uses the old method of applying a Soulstone to a target prior to their death, then that person will still only come back with 30% health if they use the Soulstone to rez after they die.

Sound complicated?  Well the next part’s easy:  Death Knights have no glyphs at all that change the amount of health their Raise Ally spell gives to a fallen player.  That means your choices are a raid leader are a battle rez that will bring a player back at 100% health, 70% health, or 20% health.  Easy decision, right?

It gets better.  For all non-tanking druid specs, there is plenty of room to fit the Glyph of Rebirth into our major glyphs.  Especially since the Glyph of Innervate is no longer desirable, resto druids and balance druids will almost always take this in their specs.  DPS feral druids (a.k.a. “kitties”) also do not generally have a third DPS-increasing major glyph, and therefore have room to take the Rebirth glyph as well.  The one exception is bear druids, who do have three major glyphs which are important for tanking.  Since bear tanks would have to shift into caster form in order to Rebirth a fallen player, they are really the least desirable spec to have rezzing anyone anyway.  (Tanking druids are significantly less happy at being punched in the face when they’re not in bear form.  Go figure.)

Thus, my dear raid leaders, I beg you to leave the battle rezzing to your druids whenever possible.  Your healers will thank you for not wasting their time and mana to heal a recently rezzed raider to full, and that player will certainly be happy when they don’t die again within a few seconds.  And to you, my raiding druid friends, do your part!  Find a way to fit that Glyph of Rebirth into your spec – I promise your raid leaders will thank you for it!

Most importantly, who wants to be raised by icky necromantic or demonic magic when you have a druid around who can use Azeroth’s restorative energies to “rebirth” you?

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