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Making Your Own Raid Consumables

February 18, 2011

In case I’ve not mentioned this recently, I have a lot of alts.  This can be both a blessing and a curse; it’s a bad thing when I sink way too much gold into making crafted gear for maxed toons who really won’t see enough playtime to make it worthwhile, and it’s a good thing when I’m able to supply almost everything my main needs by using the alts’ tradeskills.  The Pink Kitty sometimes jokes that I’m a self-sustaining economy – and that’s precisely my goal.

Assuming that you, too, may have taken advantage of the easy access to heirlooms and faster leveling during WotLK, I’m hoping that you have a maxed herbalist, alchemist, and cook somewhere in your arsenal.  If that’s the case, then here are a few tips for how to get your healer main raid-ready without having to spend Auction House prices for materials.

Food choices:
Delicious Sagefish Tail (90 Stam/Spirit) – purchased in Stormwind and Orgrimmar for 3 Chef’s Awards
Severed Sagefish Head (90 Stam/Int) – purchased in Stormwind and Orgrimmar for 3 Chef’s Awards

Areas for fishing Deepsea Sagefish

The great thing about our food choices is that regardless of whether you’d rather go for Spirit or Intellect, you need the same Deepsea Sagefish.  These are found primarily in Twilight Highlands – and only in open water there – which makes them a bit of a pain.  To fish successfully in open water in the Highlands, El’s Anglin reports that you need 650 fishing skill to ensure no-junk catches.  As long as you’re up to 525 fishing skill and have some type of lure to attach to your fishing pole, you should be able to manage with a limited number of junk catches.  Unfortunately, though, since Deepsea Sagefish don’t have their own pool that means that even if you fish successfully in open water you’re not guaranteed to catch the fish you want.  The map at left shows recommended areas for fishing in Twilight Highlands.

Flask choices:
Flask of Flowing Water (300 Spirit) – trainable at level 500 Alchemy
Flask of the Draconic Mind (300 Int) – trainable at level 505 Alchemy

Each of these flasks (and all flasks) requires 8 Volatile Life and a Crystal Vial.  The vials can be purchased from any alchemy supply vendor, and at most trade good vendors as well.  The Volatile Life isn’t really farmable on its own but will be found with the herbs you loot along the way; according to WoWHead, Volatile Life should drop from about 40% of all Cataclsym herb nodes.

If you choose to flask for Spirit, you will need 8 Stormvine and 8 Heartblossom for each of your flasks.  Heartblossom is only found in Deepholm, and in my experience seems to be more likely to be found in the higher-elevation areas around the outer edge of the zone.  I usually have especially good luck near the Pale Roost, Needlerock Slag, and Silvermarsh.

Suggested path for farming Heartblossom

Stormvine is found in Mount Hyjal and Vashj’ir, though I’ve found that I have much better luck actually locating these nodes in Vashj’ir.  Specifically, there is an area in the Abyssal Depths in Vashj’ir that seems to have particularly high spawn rates for Stormvine.  Leaving from the Darkbreak Cove (Alliance) or the Tenebrous Cavern (Horde), head toward the dead-looking area to the southwest of L’ghorek.  Once you’ve circled that area, skirt the western edge of L’ghorek and head toward the Naga encampment.  Then, swing around Promontory Point and through the Coldlight Chasm to bring you back to where you started.  Two circuits of this route can usually get me enough Stormvine to make a week’s worth of flasks.  The light blue line in the picture of Vashj’ir shows the path I take for farming Stormvine.  (And now that I’ve revealed my secret, it’d be great if you only used it if you’re not on my server …)

Stormvine and Azshara's Veil locations

If you decide you’d rather flask for Intellect, you’ll still need to take a trip to Vashj’ir.  Azshara’s Veil has the most available nodes in the Shimmering Expanse, and the path I usually take when farming it is the dark blue line on the map.  This herb also has several nodes in the watery areas of Tol Barad Peninsula as well, so if you’re there to do dailies on your herbalist make sure you keep an eye out.

Finally, Intellect flasks also require Twilight Jasmine which is only found in Twilight Highlands.  At the beginning of the expansion, Twilight Jasmine nodes were plagued with annoying phasing issues and problems where certain nodes managed to spawn in mid-air.  Blizzard has recently told us that this has either been fixed or is a priority to be fixed, which will make farming for this herb much less of a headache than it used to be.  Twilight Jasmine is found all over the Twilight Highland zones, with the exception of in the Obsidian Forest and the Vermilion Redoubt.

One additional reminder to those of you whose guilds have gained access to the Cauldron of Battle, and Seafood Magnifique: Though these items are smart enough to be able to distinguish what a “helpful” buff means dependent upon your spec, neither of them will provide healing classes with a Spirit buff.  They each default to giving you 90 Intellect, so if you are concerned about your mana regen and want Spirit buffs, you’re going to need to bring your own consumables.

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