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Nostalgia sucks

January 30, 2011

So I fought back and forth about makin a guide as my first actual contribution to this blog. On one hand I already still have my old guide on my guild forums from back in Wrath that I could quite easily do a quick copy-paste job and edit out the stuff that is no longer relevant to Cataclysm, but that just seemed lazy. Funny that I should consider that a downpoint considerin how little time I actually spend gearin my main due to said laziness. Then I nearly talked myself into makin a completely pointless post about how every other pink drood out there was copyin me…pointless? Yes, but its true and they know it.

So many ideas popped in and out of my head that I eventually just got bored of it and started playin WoW…or my 360…or Left 4 Dead 2. Whatever tickled my fancy at the moment. This went on for a while before I finally came to the topic I wanted to actually talk about.

I really miss the complexity of the Feral rotation of Wrath.

Yes yes, I understand that it wasnt actually all that hard (when taken in context of what would actually be difficult). Nearly every rotation, from the easiest to the hardest is fairly simple even when boss mechanics get added in and can fairly easily be programmed into nice little if/then statements if the game would allow you to do. Is mangle on the boss? If yes shred. Basic C++ stuff that I forgot a long time ago.

I also understand the reason it was changed in the first place. Fight mechanics of the game didn’t technically increase the difficulty of the rotation. Truth be told it really decreased the difficulty by quite a bit and this was usually done through the process of allowin you to get full combo points up without a rip on the target then puttin up AE of death around the boss while your energy filled to max and you were left dodgin missles, void zones, and a whole buncha nasty in neat little colorful packages of death. See it was easier…cause you couldn’t actually do your bloody rotation. Fight mechanics were far too punishin on a Feral and they couldn’t just outright buff the damage of abilities to compensate for fear of pvp ramifications.

So thats why it was changed. Understandable and I agree with it completely. Yet I still miss it. If I were to say why it’d probably be attributed to the fact that I just really liked when I could do good on a boss fight that had all those brightly colored balls of death. There was a nice high I would get when I would look at my numbers on a fight like Freya with all the target switchin, or a fight like Mimiron where there are so very many balls of death that I had to dodge. Did I have a lot of frustratin times where I did a really really bad job because I didn’t compensate for the mechanics right or they just completely jacked me over, sure I did. Every single mistake that I could or couldn’t avoid was a pain and many times I would feel I let my team down by performin so poorly. However each of these failures always ended up increasin that high I would get from doin well. I loved that feelin.

Jump to Cataclysm and I don’t get that high anymore. The boss fights in five mans are much harder than they’ve pretty much ever been sure, but my Feral rotation got simplified far more than it seems. Mangle got increased to a sixty-second debuff, savage roar got a full eight second increase in duration and a very significant decrease in strength as well as priority, rake got an increased six second duration. It doesn’t seem like much, but it was enough. I went from dodgin void zones and cyclones and frantically runnin towards the boss before all my debuffs and buffs fall off to bein able to dodge stuff then leisurely make my way back to the boss with time left on everythin and still not cappin energy.

That…sounded far more elitist than I wanted it to. Basically what I wanted to talk about was there was a sad drop in complexity that was totally warranted. Decent Ferals were miles above a bad Feral and a great Feral completely eclipsed both the two. In a game like Call of Duty that kind of difference would be fine and even encouraged, but in WoW it just doesn’t work. Blizzard did a good job of openin up the Feral spec to people who were turned off to it in Wrath and for that I commend them for it. I guess I just have my rose-colored glasses on far more than I think I do.

On a lighter note. Pullin over 10k on a boss fight in a five man easily eclipses anythin I just said so…yeah…

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