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Pet Peeves

December 20, 2010

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic asks, “What is your biggest pet peeve? What is the one thing you just can’t tolerate in game. Is it the loudmouth in trade, the guy who keeps god-modding when trying to RP with you, the gold farmers, the … Oh my, the list could go on. Tell us your biggest pet peeve, or make a list, or maybe tell us about the quirkiest thing that irks you.

It’s really true, the list really could go on.  I’ve done my best to narrow it down, and I’ve settled on these three, in order from least painful to most:

3.) Unnecessary talking in vent once an encounter has started. Just don’t do it – it’s rude.  Goof around all you want during breaks, but during an actual fight, I want vent to be clear so that anything that needs to be called out won’t be missed.

2.)  Waiting for a rez after a dungeon wipes while the rest of your group runs back. My feeling on this is simple: we wiped as a group, we will run back as a group.  Of course there are exceptions if someone really does need to go AFK, but when a member of the group just sits there, alt-tabbing or twiddling his thumbs while the rest of us do the work, it drives me crazy.  This is even more true now, in Cataclysm, when rezzing someone after a run back means more time spent drinking to get that huge mana pool back to full.  People who don’t eat after a wipe and expect the healer to top them off again fall under this one as well.

1.) Druids who do not have Swiftmend glyphed in their resto spec. This will get my blood boiling like nothing else.  This glyph is a no-brainer to have in a resto spec.  Glyph of Swiftmend changes your swiftmend spell so that it will no longer consume a Regrowth or Rejuvenation effect from the target.  It’s bad enough to see a druid without this in a 5 man dungeon, but in a raid?  If a resto druid doesn’t have swiftmend glyphed, they’re basically swiping effective healing from the other restos in the raid.  Druids are able to swiftmend not only the regrowth/rejuvs they’ve put on raid members, but also any regrowth/rejuvs put on raid members by any other druid.  If you swiftmend my rejuv and don’t have your swiftmend glyphed, you’ve just cancelled out all the remaining healing my HoT would have done – and I’m probably not going to be amused by that.

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  1. Osi permalink
    December 20, 2010 12:13 pm

    That wipe one always gets me. Then they demand a rez. I always tell them to run back.

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