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Favorite new quests?

December 18, 2010

Best. Plan. Ever.

Never let it be said that I’m a boomkin without a plan.  Though, this might have been one of those instances when I should have read the quest text a little closer.

What questlines have you especially enjoyed as you’ve leveled through the new Cataclysm zones?  Personally, getting to help with the planning of the dwarven wedding ceremony in Twilight Highlands was one of my favorites.  Absolutely every moment of the Harrison Jones line in Uldum is right up top as well.  As I wrote about a while ago, Hyjal and Vashj’ir were probably my two favorite zones in terms of lore; Uldum and the dwarven half of Highlands were the best in terms of being silly and fun.

So which quests will you be hitting over and over again when you level other toons from 80-85?  Which ones are you willing to skip?

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