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The Waiting Game

December 7, 2010

Here I sit at work, blogging about WoW rather than actually doing work, impatiently waiting for the clock to hit 1 so that I can run home and get to the real work of leveling my druid to 85.  I took Wednesday off, figuring that would give me some uninterrupted WoW time, but work is just too busy right now for me to justify taking the rest of this week off.

Since I can’t login to the Cattokissem just yet, I’ll torture myself more by making a list of the things I’m most looking forward to in this xpac:

  • Guild leveling and achievements.  Aside from the Golden King looking amazing, I love the idea that guilds are rewarded for doing things together.
  • Flying in Azeroth.  Even without it making everything in the game infinitely more convenient, I’m really looking forward to getting to see all the old zones from a totally different perspective.
  • Questing in Hyjal and getting to interact with the Ancients there.  A lore nerd’s dream!

Alright, 5 hours to go.  I can do this.

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