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How much RP is in your MMORPG?

December 2, 2010

I should explain, first, that my main is on a roleplaying server.

Granted, the roleplaying community on Sisters of Elune is less active than on many others, and is significantly less active than when I first came here about two years ago.  At the time I decided to move away from the Elune server (where some RL friends had first convinced me to try WoW) because I doubted I would ever have a desire to be seriously involved in raiding or any end-game content, and because I was interested in seeing how RP worked within the game.  Irony of ironies, moving to SoE actually ended up being the beginning of my path to joining the primary 25m Alliance raiding guild on this server.  (Yes, there is really only one Alliance guild regularly running 25m raids on SoE.  We are that backwater.)

But I’m curious – for those of you who aren’t on RP servers, how much thought do you put into who that avatar on the screen really is?  Do you have a reason for the name you gave them (assuming it’s not Holycow or Ipwnhorde), and do you know where they came from?  How much do you know about WoW lore?  For those who are on RP servers, how much of the end-game stuff you do is a part of the way you RP your characters? How do you deal with the more repetitive things we do in-game, like cooking dailies and killing the same boss a few hundred times?

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  1. December 17, 2010 11:55 am

    A few days late and several dollars short, but this post spoke to me.

    I used to RP. A lot more than I do now. By RP, I don’t really mean that I had a huge backstory for Squelchy or anything, but more often than not I would simply stay in character. One of my first guilds, in fact, didn’t allow out-of-character talking in guild chat. In a way, I miss that. I enjoy the grouping and the ability to do raids now, to be sure, but sometimes I’d like to go back to the moment when Squelchy first saw a feral Druid in one of Stormwind’s cafés: “That. Guy. Just. Turned. Into. A. CAT!”

    I mean, come on. You think a refugee from Gnomeregan was expecting THAT?

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